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Less is more. It’s in the details… Are there other sayings that would work with this one? Basic shoe that turns into something new when you just change up the heel. I think I have soon posted the whole new collection from Ruthie Davis. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.    

littlefleetfox asked: I know it's a hard task, but can you tell us your favourite brand?

Oh. My favorite one. ONE. I have to say that I really love some brands no matter what and some are (in my opinion) good only occasionally. Then on the other hand I don’t even care about the labels. I’m impressed when the design/product is good and when I see something new. There are great fashion companies and then there are great designers. I prefer fashion as a “buffet” where I get to make my own selection. 

At the moment I would say that my favorite shoes come from Charlotte Olympia, Ruthie Davis and Nicholas Kirkwood. I like their style and ideas. In my opinion all these designers have a different style and not that much in common when you think about it. But the great thing about fashion and shoes is that you can like so many different things at the same time. Right? 

But to sum this up and actually give you a some sort of answer to your question I have to say Givenchy. That whole dark/gothic/religious drama works for me every time. I also love what the brand has always been and what it has done to fashion from the start.   



Loving these metal detailed Givenchy pumps


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